directorSebastián Bednarik, Andrés Varela
producerSebastián Bednarik, Andrés Varela, Pedro Abuchalja
scriptGuzmán García
duración75 minutos
formato de captura35mm - 16mm - Digital
formato de exhibiciónDCP

“Brazilians, I fulfilled my word constructing this stadium; fulfill now yours, winning the World Cup”. With these words closed his speech the Prefect of Rio of Janeiro, Mendez de Morais, the day of the final match of the Football World Championship organized by Brazil in 1950 after the Second World War. It is a year of presidential elections and all the candidates seek to associate their image to the sports success to strengthen their campaign. In the other changing room the Uruguayan captain Obdulio Varela prepares himself to guide his selection towards a clash that would stay forever in the memory of football. Maracaná is a metaphor on the manipulation of peoples across the sport and the will of individuals trying to be dignified beyond the external forces that bend them.